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Read the patient blog below to gain an understanding on the recovery process.

Treatment Anti-wrinkle treatment to Glabella and around eyes.
Day 1 No problems, face feels fine, no side effects or changes as yet.
Day 2 All is well.  Forehead definitely tightening at the bottom. I’m not just imagining it. I can’t frown as hard as before. I know it’s early days but definitely a change. I’d liken it to feeling like the skin is dry after washing my face and not moisturising.
Day 3 Eyes a little tighter today. Getting much harder to frown, which is great. Feels like a tension headache, although that makes it sound uncomfortable and distracting – which it isn’t.
Day 4  No obvious changes but guess the process is slowing down.  Nothing bad to report.
Day 5  Face feels just fine.  Was expecting some tightness or odd sensation but totally comfortable.  Eyes slightly better today.  I’m certainly pleased with results so far.
Day 7 Lines around eyes are getting even better.
Day 8 Face still gradually improving.  Forehead lines gone and eyes have certainly eased.
Day 9 I love what has been done so far, really impressed.
Day 12 Hasn’t changed much in last few days. Forehead is line free, still some very light fine lines around the eyes.
Day 16 Had a top-up treatment around eyes. Forehead is fantastic!
Day 20 Eye lines have improved even more. Generally, I’m very pleased indeed.
Day 24 My face is looking great! The lines have all but gone. Very natural and really pleased!
Treatment Juvederm Volbella for lip augmentation.
Day 2 Lips are brilliant!! So pleased. They are a little swollen today and feel a little bruised.  Hope this is just the normal process (secretly hoping they stay this size).  It’s eased off since I got up and about.  I love it.  Who would think something could make such a difference.
Day 3 Swelling gone right down now.  It only really lasted a day.
Day 4 Swelling gone.  I love the result, it’s great and so natural.
Day 6 Can’t explain how impressed I am with fillers.  Best £350 I have spent on myself for as long as I can remember.  A real confidence boost.

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